The Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) presents the exhibition Antoni Tàpies. Retrospectiva, for which the book Tàpies en perspectiva is published and which subsequently travels to Valladolid (Patio Herreriano) and Mexico (Museo de Arte de Zapopán). The bibliophile book Cranc-cranc, which Tàpies has produced, together with the composer Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny, is published. The Fundación General of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid commissions him to design the poster for the summer courses of El Escorial. He attends the presentation of the documentary T de Tàpies, directed by Carolina Tubau and produced by Televisió de Catalunya. The Fundación Marcelino Botín in Santander presentes the exhibition Antoni Tàpies. Una arquitectura de lo visible. In Madrid he attends the opening of the exhibition Tàpies. Tierras (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía). Other solo exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro (Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil) and Barcelona (Galeria Toni Tàpies).

San Sebastian and Barcelona present a joint work by Tàpies and José Saramago produced to support Elkarri, a social movement which advocates a model of peace and dialogue to resolve the Basque conflict. He attends a recital by the flamenco singer Manuel Cuevas to mark the tribute paid to him by the Festival Internacional del Cante de la Minas (La Unión, Murcia). The work entitled 7 de novembre (1971) has been donated to the Catalan Parliament to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of its reestablishment, and a commemorative serigraph is being carried out. Retrospective exhibition at the Hara Museum in Tokyo; the exhibition will later travel to Singapore (Singapore Art Museum). Tàpies was awarded the Lissone Prize for his entire career. He produces the commemorative poster for the celebration of the 15th birthday of the Fundació Antoni Tàpies. New solo exhibitions at the Waddington Galleries in London and the Galerie Lelong in Zurich.

The eighth volume of the artist’s complete works is presented at a public event at the Barcelona Athenaeum in the middle of June. In November, three exhibitions – held almost simultaneously at the Galerie Lelong (Paris), the Galería Soledad Lorenzo (Madrid) and the Galeria Toni Tàpies (Barcelona) – show the painter’s most recent work done in his studios in Barcelona and Campins over the course of the spring and summer this same year. At the same time, the exhibition Forms for the 21st Century. Recent Work by Antoni Tàpies, part of the Urban Majorities 1900-2005 Project, based at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies, opens in the IES Barri Besòs secondary school in Barcelona, where it is visited over the course of a week by almost 1.700 secondary school pupils. The bibliophile book Le soleil vu de dos, with articles by Jacques Dupin and prints by Tàpies, is presented. Towards the end of December, he attends the opening of the retrospective exhibition Tàpies’ Posters and the Public Sphere at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies in Barcelona. Other solo shows of his work are mounted in Porto, Lisbon, London, New York and Toulon.

EMMA-Espoo Museum of Modern Art is having the first retrospective exhibition of Antoni Tàpies in Finland. To mark the occasion the catalogue Antoni Tàpies is to be published. On 5 November, the Fundació Antoni Tàpies presents the portfolio 7 poemes a Antoni Tàpies (7 poems to Antoni Tàpies), with poems by Jordi Carrió and a print by Antoni Tàpies. The exhibition Tàpies Posters and the Public Sphere, organised by the Fundació Antoni Tàpies, tours to the Cervantes Institute, Madrid, and to the Museu Valencià de la Il·lustració i de la Modernitat (MuVIM) in Valencia.

In February, two almost simultaneous exhibitions – Galeria Toni Tàpies, Barcelona, and Waddington Galleries, London – present the artist’s most recent work, produced in his studios in Barcelona and Campins during spring and summer 2007. The retrospective exhibition Tàpies Posters and the Public Sphere tours to the Cervantes Institutes in Toulouse, Prague and Berlin. In May, Galerie Lelong, Zurich, exhibits a selection of drawings and sketches from the nineteen nineties and the present decade. At the end of November, an amended version of the exhibition tours to Galerie Lelong, Paris. In December, Galería Soledad Lorenzo, Madrid, has an exhibition of the work produced by the artist during the summer in Campins. To mark the occasion of the artist’s 85th birthday, D. Sam Abrams, Jordi Carrió, Marc Cuixart and Enric Satué have edited the portfolio Tàpies escriu (Tàpies writes), with a selection of texts by Antoni Tàpies and prints by Antoni Llena, Soledad Sevilla, Manel Esclusa, Pere Formiguera, Joan https://www.tonitapies.comwp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=page#Fontcuberta and Eulàlia Valldosera. The portfolio will be presented on 13 December in the Auditorium of the Foment de les Arts i del Disseny (FAD).

Xavier Antich publishes the book Antoni Tàpies. En blanc i negre (1955-2003). Assaigs, an anthology of texts by Tàpies previously published in La pràctica de l’art (1970), L’art contra l’estètica (1974), La realitat com a art (1982), Per un art modern i progressista (1985), Valor de l’art (1993) i L’art i els seus llocs (1999). The book also includes an interview with Jean-Louis Andral, realised in Barcelona in 2002, and a text rewritten by the artist on the occasion of the award ceremony of the Premio Velázquez de Artes Plásticas in 2003. Together with Indiana University Press, the Fundació Antoni Tàpies publishes A Personal Memoir. Fragments for an Autobiography (Complete Writings. Volume I), the first English version of the book by Antoni Tàpies Memòria personal. Fragment per a una autobiografia (1977), and the first volume of the artist’s complete written works. The publication presents Tàpies’ memoirs, together with historical illustrations from various sources, including his own and his family’s private archives, a chronology and a selection of works that show the development of Tàpies’ artistic language from the 1940s to today. From May to October, the exhibition Antoni Tàpies: The Resources of Rhetoric will be at the Dia: Beacon, New York. He participates in the visual creation of Event (2009), presented by the Merce Cunningham Dance Company at the Mercat de les Flors, with five works from the Fundació Antoni Tàpies’ Collection. Xavier Barral i Altet publishes Abecedari Tàpies. The exhibition Antoni Tàpies: Materia e tempo opens at the MARCA Museum in Catanzaro.

Galeria Toni Tàpies, Barcelona, shows Antoni Tàpies’ most recent work, realised in his studio in Campins in summer 2009. The Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, reopens to the public after two years-closure for the rehabilitation of the building, conducted by the firm of architects Ábalos+Sentkiewicz Arquitectos. The inaugural exhibition is Antoni Tàpies. The Places of Art, including works from Tàpies’ private collection and works made by the artist during the last twenty years. To coincide with the reopening, the work Mitjó (Sock) (maquette, 1991; work, 2010) is installed on the terrace of the Fundació. Mitjó was a sculpture project for the Oval Hall of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona, which, while having caused a great social impact both in favour and against, was never realised. The Fundació Antoni Tàpies publishes, in Catalan and Spanish, the first volume of the complete written works by Antoni Tàpies Memòria personal. Fragment per a una autobiografia (Obra escrita completa. Volum I) [A Personal Memoir. Fragments for an Autobiography (Complete Writings. Volume I)]. On 10 March, Pere Gimferrer and Josep Miquel Sobrer present the publication at the Auditorium of the Fundació. Together with Televisió de Catalunya and Enciclopèdia Catalana, the Fundació releases the documentary Te de Tàpies (T for Tàpies), directed by Carolina Tubau and produced by Televisió de Catalunya. Juan Carlos I of Spain bestows the title of marquis on the artist. He designs the logo commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of the public presentation of the Associació d’Artistes Visuals de Catalunya (AAVC), an organisation of which he is president. He designs the poster commemorating the 500th anniversary of the birth of Saint Francis Borgia. He is honoured by the 5th International Engraving Biennial of Douro 2010 (August–October). The Fundació Palau, Caldes d’Estrac, organises an exhibition of some the artist’s recent works entitled Antoni Tàpies. Look at the Hand… (October 2010 – January 2011). Galeria Fernando Santos, Oporto, organises the exhibition Antoni Tàpies. Graphic Works (November–December 2010).

Galerie Lelong, Paris, shows the artist’s most recent work, made in his studio in Campins in the summer of 2010 (February–April 2011). At the same time, Galerie Boisserée, Cologne, organises the exhibition Antoni Tàpies. Malerei und Graphik. He participates in the exhibition Realisme(s). L’empremta de Courbet (Realism[s]. The Mark of Courbet), Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, MNAC, Barcelona. He produces the poster for the 12th Festival of Religious and World Music, Girona (28 June – 10 July 2011). The Fundació Antoni Tàpies, together with Indiana University Press, Bloomington & Indianapolis, publishes Collected Essays (Complete Writings. Volume II), the English version of the second and last volume of the artist’s complete written works. The publication includes La pràctica de l’art (The Practice of Art), Barcelona: Ariel, 1970; L’art contra l’estètica (Art Against Aesthetics), Barcelona: Ariel, 1974; La realitat com a art (Reality as Art), Barcelona: Laertes, 1982; Per un art modern i progressista (For a Modern and Progressive Art), Barcelona: Empúries, 1985; Valor de l’art (The Value of Art), Barcelona: Empúries, 1993, and L’art i els seus llocs (The Places of Art), Madrid: Ediciones Siruela, 1999, as well as an appendix of assorted texts that had either not been included in the above publications or postdate them. To celebrate the publication of this book, the Fundació Antoni Tàpies and the Institut Ramon Llull organise the symposium, The Critical Reception of the Work of Antoni Tàpies in the United States, at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, New York. The speakers are Manuel Borja-Villel, Serge Guilbaut and Julia E. Robinson, with Robert Lubar as moderator. He participates in the exhibition Louise Bourgeois. Antoni Tàpies. Rencontre, Galería Soledad Lorenzo, Madrid, October–November 2011. He exhibits paintings and drawings at the Galeria Toni Tàpies, Barcelona (Novembre 2011 – January 2012). The Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen, Siegen, organises the retrospective exhibition Bild, Körper, Pathos (November 2011 – February 2012).

Antoni Tàpies dies at 88 years of age, February 6, in Barcelona. To pay tribute, Fundació Antoni Tàpies allows free acces to the institution for citizens, in order they can see some of Antoni Tàpies works on show.

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