Past Exhibitions

Twenty-five years ago, Edicions T was created and launched its first limited edition of prints. Eight years later, the Galeria Toni Tàpies opened an exhibition space and offered, until 2012, a continuous programme of innovative exhibitions as well as high-quality contemporary artworks, prints and editions.

Toni Tàpies founded Edicions T in 1988, in a small office on Carrer del Consell de Cent, in Barcelona’s main gallery district. With the intention of offering high-quality prints and limited editions of contemporary artworks, Edicions T produced artworks by internationally renowned artists, which include Antoni Tàpies, Arnulf Rainer, Sol LeWitt, Sean Scully, José María Sicilia, Miguel Ángel Campano and Jaume Plensa. Between 1988 and 1994, Edicions T rapidly emerged on the international art market while participating in art fairs such as the Saló Internacional d’Art Gràfic Contemporani in Barcelona, ARCOmadrid, the First Artist Book International Paris, SAGA Paris and Art Basel.

In 1994, Toni Tàpies relocated Edicions T to a larger space on the same street and opened the Galeria Toni Tàpies, where he could produce and present a continuous and strong programme of internationally recognised contemporary artists. From its outset, the Galeria Toni Tàpies has proposed high-quality shows, which include Sol LeWitt, Robert Ryman, Georg Baselitz, John Baldessari, Sean Scully, Jaume Plensa and Antoni Tàpies. The gallery soon became one of the leading contemporary art venues in Barcelona. Over the following years, a considerable number of artists – young emerging artists as well as established ones –, working with a wide range of media, from painting and sculpture to video, photography and installation, joined the gallery: Martí Anson, Christine Borland, Jeff Brouws, Edward Burtynsky, Michel de Broin, Susy Gómez, Ann Veronica Janssens, Alex Katz, Emma Kay, Antoni Llena, Julia Montilla, João Onofre, Antonio Ortega, Tere Recarens, Jana Sterbak and Sascha Weidner. The gallery has worked in conjunction with other galleries, as well as many international art institutions and museums to promote the represented artists and contemporary art.

The Galeria Toni Tàpies is a member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA), the Associació de Galeries Independents de Catalunya (GIC) and the Consorcio de Galerías de Arte de España. Since its early years, the gallery has taken part in major international art fairs, including ARCOmadrid, the Chicago Art Fair, Art Basel, Art Basel Miami Beach, DFOTO, Paris Photo, Art Brussels and Barcelona’s LOOP video art fair.